HYUNDAI Dealers Meeting

  • Presentation ,
  • Agency: 7TUR
  • Client: HYUNDAI
  • Creative Direction: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • Graphic Design: OOPS

The need to prepare nearly 200 pages of presentations in a week for the launch of Hyundai's new car was the compelling element of this project. We overcame this challenge through effective communication from Hyundai and our design team. In addition to the launch presentation of the new car, we also designed presentations for the managers of 3 different main departments. We mingled the corporate identity and event identity of Hyundai for all designs.

The block layout system placed on the grid enabled the content to be separated from each other on pages with very dense content. In addition to colors and photos, icons and geometric elements made the content even more prominent. In this way, the content became easily understandable and visible. We used dynamic and impressive animation mathematics in the presentation supported by animations. With that being said, we managed to trigger the feeling of excitement, one of the most important needs of the launch event, throughout the event.

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