Borusan Logistics Corporate Presentation

  • Presentation ,
  • Agency: OOPS
  • Client: Borusan Holding
  • Creative Direction: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • Graphic Design: OOPS

The corporate identity was emphasized in the Borusan Logistics Corporate Presentation. We designed the corporate presentation to be used by the sales and marketing team. Accordingly, we created a design with a modern design language and reflected the company's vision on the presentation screens.
For the presentation, we designed textures consisting of pictograms for each department.

The colors representing the departments formed the color chart of the design. With the combination of two different fonts, a modern and dynamic feeling was captured without giving up on corporate seriousness.
An experience that triggers curiosity and increases interaction beyond the boundaries of the company came out with the use of close-up and aerial photos.

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