• Presentation ,
  • Agency: 7TUR
  • Stage Design: 7TUR
  • Client: TEB
  • Creative Direction: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • Presentation Design: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • 3D Animation: Sercan Altıntas

The ‘Confrontation’ concept was determined for the TEB Executives Summit in 2019. The presentation was composed of two main sections: 2018’s review and 2019’s goals. For the first part, green, which is the corporate color, was used while for the second part was blue was chosen to emphasize the finance and the future.

Also, each year was divided into four sections, which offer different content for four departments. Certain slogans were used to make these transitions understandable and easy to follow. The slogans were depicted with visuals placed on the human faces on both sides of the gigantic screen with the double exposure technique. The audience experience was enhanced with sound effects and animations. These efforts aimed to add motion to the whole presentation with continuous animations.

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