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Weber Dealers Meeting 2016

  • Presentation ,
  • Agency: 7TUR
  • Client: Weber
  • Presentation Design: Ozgun Ozpinar

A presentation about evaluations of the previous year and the plans for the following year was designed for Webers Dealer Meeting in 2016, with the slogan of “With Weber, On the Path of Future”. The expectation was for a sincere and bonding presentation design, thus soft color tones and fonts were chosen.

Bright colors were used to make each detail easy to recognize in the Dealers Meeting presentation which was compatible with the corporate identity. With the help of vivid tones of colors such as blue, orange, yellow and pink, the presentation caught up with the energetic atmosphere of the event. The unique touches aimed to attract the audience’s attention by staying within the frame of the corporate identity. Finally, the presentation achieved in sharing and enhancing the energy of the event.

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