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TEB Pratik Denizli Launch

  • Presentation ,
  • Client: TEB
  • Presentation Design: Ozgun Ozpinar

TEB Pratik, which opened its first branch in Denizli on 4 December 2017, makes a difference with an innovative approach in banking. The banking model, which combines digital and physical branches, stands out as the intersection point of technology and life. Organising an integrated advertising campaign for the introduction of new technology, TEB paid much attention to the opening presentation. A presentation design was prepared parallel to the visual identity created in accordance with the billboards, banners, social media images, logo, and icon designs.

Using a specially designed presentation, TEB General Manager Ümit Leblebici explained how the needs arising from the digital transformation in the banking sector were satisfied. For this project, it was necessary to emphasize how technology touched human life. For this reason, the way it made people's life easier was highlighted in the presentation design instead of the digital’s surreal character. Also, an emotional connection was established through photographs reminiscent of pleasant moments in daily life.

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