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  • Presentation ,
  • Agency: 7TUR
  • Client: TEB
  • Creative Direction: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • Presentation Design: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • 3D Animation: DECOL

Turkish Economy Bank brought together the senior executive once more in TEB Executive Meeting in 2018. A dynamic presentation was designed to be displayed on a curved screen during the event. As in previous years, 3D animations designed for the event were embedded in Keynote in 2018 as well. For the event held with the theme of 'Digital Transformation', a space journey was fictionalized to reflect the abstract character of the digital world.

Following a brief glimpse at the digital city, the images representing each department were displayed within the TEB Corporate Office. In the presentation raising the level of dynamism to the maximum, different departments were represented with objects belonging to the digital world such as satellite, dish antenna, TEB digital ATM, VR goggles and drone. The presentation, which created a universe within itself, got colored in blue for the section describing the year 2017, and in green for the year 2018 to emphasize the change in time. The presentation design with strong visual quality enabled the audience to follow the presentation with enthusiasm.

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