Samsung Directors Meeting / AMIRALLER

  • Logo, Flyer, Promotion Materials ,
  • Agency: Illusionist
  • Client: Samsung
  • Graphic Design: Ozgun Ozpinar

One of the leading companies in technology across the world, Samsung attaches importance to the in-company meetings as much as they do to the customers. One of them is the annual senior managers’ motivational meeting.With the demand to remind people of importance of being a powerful team in this competitive environment Samsung asked for a concept unlike previous years. This meeting would be designed in “Admirals” concept to evoke the value of managers in war-like competition.

A concept logo has been created with a hybrid aesthetic approach that has been inspired by the fantastic science-fiction cinema of Hollywood and corporate typography of Samsung. To create a visual language bringing the themes of power, control, management and seriousness together, edged forms have been used with the colours of blue and gray.

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