Psy-Boutique Electronic Music Festival

  • Logo, Flyer, Promotion Materials ,
  • Client: Psy-Boutique
  • Graphic Design: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • Digital Painting: Ozgun Ozpinar

An organisation company based in England, Psy-Boutique organises a unique electronic music festival in Turkey every year. Their journey has started in Butterfly Valley and then moved to Antalya, Tekirova. The team are inviting people to an epic Mediterranean experience for the fifth time in the year of 2018 using the same logo.

The inspirer for the logo design was the very similar energy springing from the geography’s soul and the unique beauty of sea and sun in this region. Hospitality of pastel colours, expression of symbolism and the decorative touch of typography, the logo was created reflecting the soul and energy of the festival. A digitally painted banner has also been designed for the advertising activities of this one of a kind festival which evokes music, the sea, sun and sand.

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Arcelik Peryon

Samsung Directors Meeting / AMIRALLER

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