istanbulhepimizin.org City Picnic

  • Flyer, Social Media Images ,
  • Client: istanbulhepimizin.org
  • Graphic Design: Ozgun Ozpinar

İstanbul Hepimizin Girişimi (meaning Istanbul Is Ours Initiative) is made up of people who want to have a say and a responsibility for the decisions about the development, management and future of Istanbul. The initiative targets to increase the values of Istanbul and the awareness of living in Istanbul. The city's sounds have been given ear to for social media visuals and poster designs of the 'City Picnic', one of the organisations by the initiative.

For this project, while visualising Istanbul, which is often referred to as 'chaotic', harmony within the chaos was the focus. The project, which achieved a moving design by using a large colour palette, had the most important symbols of the Istanbul silhouette. In order to reflect the city's multi-identity structure, a combination of different colours and textures was used, and simple typography was preferred for slogans and text messages in the design. Thus, the naive and sincere spirit of the initiative was reflected in the project.

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İSKO Organic Denim