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IMA Turkey

  • Presentation ,
  • Agency: Hypermind
  • Client: IMA Turkey
  • Presentation Design: Ozgun Ozpinar

International Management Assistants Turkey Manager Menekşe Ahbap gave a presentation telling the story of IMA Turkey in Netherlands Headquarter Office. The presentation included the photos reflecting Turkey along with touches referring to the IMA’s corporate identity. So local and global traces were brought together.

To help the IMA Turkey team successfully be represented at the global level in the best way, the content of the presentation, approaching the corporate identity presentation from a different perspective was interpreted within a honeycomb patterns with a reference to the IMA logo.

In the unique design of the presentation, blue, one of the IMA's corporate colours was densely incorporated. A hand animation was embedded in the presentation to describe the executive assistant. Along with this, hand gestures, prepared as an Alpha Channel video were designed to direct the progress of the presentation by controlling the page on every click.

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