Happybus Travel

  • Branding, Logo, Stationery, Flyer, Brochure ,
  • Client: Happybus Travel
  • Graphic Design: Ozgun Ozpinar

HappyBus Travel organises cultural bus tours heading to various European countries and takes to the road with the claim of “Holiday of your dreams” for their customers. Beginning the journey in Turkey, HappyBus visits art festivals and cultural centres in 18 countries and 22 cities over the course of 25 days. They offer a special experience with their motto that emphasises the brand claim and the approach that highlights the dynamism of travel by bus.

The bus of HappyBus taking to the roads to make dreams real, has been turned into a logo with the relaxing effect of orange, the reliability of blue and the upscale touch of purple. The logo and corporate identity with the modern and minimalist typography have been designed to reflect the ‘promising’ and ‘responsible’ character of HappyBus. It was a comprehensive project including logo, business card, corporate documents and also marketing materials such as banners and brochures.

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