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  • Logo Animation ,
  • Client: Electic
  • Creative Direction: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • Graphic Design: Ozgun Ozpinar
  • Motion Graphic: Orkun Sunor

One of the well-known music producers in Turkey, Serkan Eles composes a symbolic narrative revealing spiritual emotions with his subproject Electic. A logo animation has been designed for Electic to be used in stage performance and advertising activities.

Logo design that reflects the sensation specific to the project has been updated with the modern touches without getting away from the usual visual environment. The design with the theme of genesis, existence and back to the essence in an absolute emptiness free from the time and venue has been completed with the animation symbolising the smooth flow of Electic’s music. The journey from the archaic times to the present in the music of Electic has been depicted using dramatic lights, geometric patterns and the textures that remind of stone statues.

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