TEB Akılfikir Meeting and Talent Day 2018

  • Presentation ,
  • Agency: 7TUR
  • Client: TEB
  • Presentation Design: Ozgun Ozpinar

TEB's annual internal motivation meeting was aimed at raising the energy of the employees from different departments and strengthening their connection with the company through the presentations. The presentations for the Human Resources Manager and TEB Assistant General Manager Nilsen Altıntaş and the original presentation for Innovation Awards original presentations were designed in parallel with this goal. The presentations were designed on the basis of the slogan 'WeQ-IQ', and were prepared in parallel to the Human Resources communication theme adapted by TEB this year.

Inspired by neural networks, the dynamism of the presentations was enhanced with the animated background designed to be 'plexus'. Video masking was used during the presentations which made it possible to control the videos on the three-part screens with the touch of a click. The various sized screens were displayed in the middle and sides of the stage. Shades of purple and pink were also integrated in the design in parallel with the concept colours of the event. Besides this, Dr. Nilsen Altıntaş's presentation was preferred to be designed with the gray background to highlight the content. A high-energy design was achieved to ensure that the event was striking and memorable.

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